The Memory Foam Mattresses That Are Overheating

Memory polyurethane mattresses offer a wide range of advantages. In addition to providing pressure and discomfort relief plus motion isolation, these mattresses are excellent especially side sleepers. The On the other hand, memory polyurethane has a well-known limitation: its ability to retain body temperature. It is indeed possible that your memory polyurethane mattress is to blame if you’ve awakened sticky and overheated during the overnight. Overheating one mattress isn’t good for your health; however, there are things you could do to cool it down. A better, more unforgettable night’s rest is within your reach with the right bed, sheets, and bedtime rituals. If you want to Read the latest reviews on

What Is It About Heat That Makes Me Awake?

Our body warmth decreases when we prepare to go to sleep because it aids in the regulation of our sleep-wake pattern. According to some studies, taking a warm shower but rather a bath to stimulate circulation and distribute heat before bedtime may speed up the process of falling asleep. As we enter REM sleep, our body temperatures fall even farther. To some extent, we rely upon external variables (including bedding with air conditioning) to maintain resting body temperatures exactly right; whether our surroundings have become too heated or far too chilly, this could wake people up and hamper hours invested in Deep-sleep.

Investing in a New Bed Frame

Consider purchasing a brand-new memory polyurethane mattress should you continue to have problems sleeping using your current one. You have a few choices when it comes to finding the most incredible beds. Gel memory mattresses or air channels are two elements of a chilling memory polyurethane mattress that can keep you from overheating. Charcoal, copper, and graphite are among the foam’s other heat-absorbing and wicking additives. Choose latex but rather innerspring mattresses if you want additional memory polyurethane mattresses. Compared to memory foam mattresses, each of these options is noticeably more comfortable, but each has its own set of disadvantages. While rubber mattresses are among the costliest beds on the market, several people, especially those used to sleep on such a memory polyurethane mattress, find that regular innerspring mattress is unpleasant.

Cooling Off Methods

You don’t have to change either bed frame, mattresses, or bedding to remain calm. You may take further steps to ensure that your home bedroom is a relaxing environment. A hot bath “90-minutes” before night will help you sleep better if you lower their thermostat between 60 and 75 (degrees Fahrenheit). Please remember that exercising too right before bedtime might keep you up. If you didn’t function out from the morning either over your lunch break, try to get your exercises in as soon as possible in the evenings. Before going to bed, it’s good to do a few lights stretches.

  • Go to bed at least two hours earlier than your scheduled bedtime. Switching them off reduces heat accumulation by releasing both light plus heat.
  • Take a sip of water while going to sleep. To avoid overheating before bed, it’s a good idea to take a few glasses of water during the night. Whenever people wake up and feel hot, drinking water might also assist.
  • Sleep in light, airy pajamas. Instead of silk but polyester pajamas, opt for cotton and bamboo pajamas instead. Ensure your jammies are loose-fitting so that you can breathe.